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Black Whip v2.01 Apk Android (Big Bang Theory)

Black Whip v2.01 Apk Android (Big Bang Theory)

Whip Big Bang Theory Apk Android
Black Whip - Shake The Phone or Click The Whip to Hit The Whip
Black Whip - Hit the whip, play whip crack sounds by moving your phone or click the whip image to hit the Black Whip.

Available Options:
- Whip hit on click
- Whip hit on phone move
- Sensibility control to adjust how you like to Whip

Works exactly like the App shown in TV Series - The Big Bang Theory (Season 5)

Suggest Whipping Usage of The Black Whip App:
- Whip to motivate someone !
- Whip if your dog refuse to listen to you
- Whip your roommate if he still didn't do the dishes
- Whip when you need to show your lady who is the bossWhen - Whip when your children refuse to clean their room
- Whip your children refuse to go sleep in time
- Whip when your dog made a mess
- Whip to establish your domination
- Whip to prank someone
- Whip if you need a joke and laugh
- Whip if you think you are a lion trainer
- Whip when your date refuse to change ugly shoes
- Whip when your girlfriend changing too long


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