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CM10 - Elegant Blue Theme v7 Apk Android

CM10 - Elegant Blue Theme v7 Apk Android

Elegant Blue Theme Chooser
**********Please Red First!**********
*** Guys, noting is wrong with Text Messages. Just ask your ROM developer to update his Mms application to the latest CM10 release. It's not broken and nothing need to be fixed from my side ***
*** If you have any problem installing this theme use web ( ) Until we solve this issue with Google. ***

*** Kindly, if you have any comment/suggestion or something need to be changed you can contact me or visit here : ***
Hello everyone, I'm Vicino one of XDA Recognized Themers.
This is CM10 Theme Chooser and should work with XHDPI and HDPI devices including PA / AOKP / CNA and XenonHD.
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