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DJ Live Wallpaper v2.1 Apk Android

DJ Live Wallpaper v2.1 Apk Android

Turn your wallpaper into an interactive turntable deck!
Transform your boring wallpaper into a stylish CDJ or turntable deck!
Audio playback features:
* load songs from your phone into the turntables, and play them
* move the record with your finger to manipulate the song position
* Play/Pause

Customize the look:
* High resolution graphics
* Use a CDJ or turntable
* Use CDs or vinyl
* Show album art on vinyl
* Change the background image or background color
* CD/Vinyl spin speed
* CDJ LCD text size
* device position
* refresh rate
Although the wallpaper has these features, we recommend using "Passive Mode" to turn off the interaction and let the wallpaper animate by itself. Because the home screen has limitations regarding touch input and also because this wallpaper does not feature pitch changing, so it cannot be used as a real mixer.
- To install, go to Home > Wallpapers > Live Wallpapers > DJ Live Wallpaper.
- Users that can't scroll the wallpaper need to go to settings and select the "Scrolling Hack" option to fix scrolling issues.
-IF YOU HAVE ISSUE PRESSING THE PLAY BUTTON, go to DJ Live Settings and select "Touch detection fix".

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