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Trippy And Me v1.0 Apk Android

Trippy And Me v1.0 Apk Android

★ Trippy & Me is a new addictive interactive 3D mobile action game application designed to be downloaded and played on the iPhone, iTouch, iPad.
★ The game centers on Trippy, a bird, flying above the streets of a big city at high speeds.
★ Trippys movements are controlled by finger sliding the screen left to right, tapping the screen to move up/down and actively tilting the Smartphone/tablet to dictate Trippy’s direction.

★ The player controls Trippys direction and speed manoeuvring around the city’s skyscrapers, turning sharp corners, diving through tunnels, dodgy street signs while collecting power up gold coins to earn points.

* To remove tutorial go to options and click off on in game help.

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