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Star Colonies FULL v1.1.1 Apk Android

Star Colonies FULL v1.1.1 Apk Android

Star Colonies is a real-time strategy game from deep space.
Your task, captain, is to rule all the galaxy .
Colonize star systems, build different buildings, discover new technologies and build the most powerfull fleet to beat all enemies! If you played and liked the game Masters of Orion, you will enjoy this sci-fi game too! Win the war in outer space!
Try the demoversion first! (the name is "Star Colonies").

The game is quite complex. We prepared short manual in PDF. Feel free to download it from our website:

★ Game features:
- three races to choose - Human,Robots and Octans!
- bunch of buildings to build
- lot of technology improvements
- short tutorial
- free training campaign
- random map generator.

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