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Pencil Box Free Apk Android

Pencil Box Free Apk Android

Pencil Box Free - is an application which on your Android device, you can create simple and complex multi-layered images larger than the display device.

You can draw your own picture or make it from the existing image by loading progamma JPEG or BMP file. You can add additional layers, paint them and keep what happened in the JPEG file.

Features of Version 1.0:

- Create a blank image with the required resolution. Restriction on the height and width: up to 10000 pixels. Limiting the number of pixels in each layer: no more than 1000000;

- Add to the drawing of additional layers. The number of layers that can be created, depending on the selected device and the image resolution;

- Individual unit and reset the visibility of each layer;

- Appointment of one of the available active layers, which will go to draw;

- Removal of the layers are no longer needed;

- Drawing on the active layer of the finger or stylus;

- Erase previously drawn from the active layer;

- Select a pen color;

- Select a background color;

- Select a pen width;

- The offset within the image display, if the size of a large display;

- Displays the entire image only if its dimensions are greater than the display;

- Save the picture painted in a file on a memory card;

- To open a saved picture from a file;

- Create a blank image and paste it into one of the layers of images from JPEG or BMP file;

- Export all layers of the picture in separate JPEG files;

- Export all visible layers into a single image JPEG file.

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