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Panda vs Bugs HD Premium v1.0 Apk Android

Panda vs Bugs HD Premium v1.0 Apk Android

Panda vs Bugs the game that has an unbelievable success reaches Android.
Almost 2 millions of people have Panda vs Bugs on their phones and it seems like they are absolutely happy with the game.
Sunny day… Green Forest … Lovely Panda, enjoying the life… and … BUGS, BUGS, BUGS!
Bugs climb the trees all the time. Bugs try to sting the Lovely Panda. They appear from nowhere with the only aim – to hurt. But our Panda is not a weakling! Our Panda is a true warrior!

Do you want to know how to help the lovely animal?
Here you go!
The principles of the game are the following:
- Panda can try to escape from bugs, it can move from tree to tree and from one side of the trunk to another. If it is above the insects a player can make it slide down and kill the bugs with Panda’s bottom.
- A player should keep in mind that the number of bugs and their speed is growing all the time!!!
- Every killed bug brings a point, but if a bug manages to sting Panda, it will fall down from a tree and a player will lose one life.
- original idea;
- exceptional graphics;
- excellent animation;
- funny sound;
- get social with OpenFeint Leaderboard!
Help Panda, clean the forest from Bugs! =)
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