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Pod Player + v1.0 APK Android

Pod Player + v1.0 APK Android

Pod Player + is a tribute to everyone's favorite MP3 Player!
Pod Player Plus is a music player that perfectly emulates everyone’s favorite mp3 player. It’s a veritable time machine - it’ll take you and your music back to a simpler and better time when peace and prosperity was had by all. A time when touching a screen with your fingers would get your knuckles rapped...when you charged your devices weekly, not hourly.

Pod Player Plus features everything the original had:

+ Easy navigation with a click wheel.
+ Browse by Artist, Album, Song
+ Play, Pause, Seek and Volume controls.
+ Backlight and Shuffle
+ ...and not much else because well...what else do you need?

+ Obsolescence not included - this app will function as long as your phone does.
+ Tested on: Nexus One, Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy SII


**APK File - Link 2 - Link 3**

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