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J4T Multitrack Recorder v2.3 Apk Android

J4T Multitrack Recorder v2.3 Apk Android

Multitrack recorder Apk Android
Record your song ideas and demos on this 4-track recorder.
The J4T is a 4-track recorder, great for recording your song ideas and demos.

* Four tracks
* Export to wav or mp3 for sharing or desktop editing.
* Import music files (wav and mp3).
* Adjustable samplerate.
* Loop function
* Metronome
* Stereo panning
* Copy-function for quick duplication.
* Mix multiple tracks down to one to free up tracks
* 3 FX per track: Big Fuzz, Chorus, and Delay.
* Track editing (cut/copy/paste/fade-in/fade-out)

Planned features:
* More audio effects (eq, phaser, reverb)
* More editing features
* Sharing capabilities

If you experience bugs or issues on your phone, please let us know about it by sending an email so we can try to fix it.
Known Issues
* If the tracks are out of sync,adjust the sync correction on the settings screen. This seems to work for most users, but there is also an option to manually sync after recording via Tracks/Sync.
* With some phones/headphones the audio is routed to the speaker when recording. There is no fix for this other than trying with different headphones.
* The app doesn't work well on the Samsung Spica, the Samsung Moment, the Motorola Triumph.


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