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AstrowingsKR v1.0 Apk Android

AstrowingsKR v1.0 Apk Android

Astrowings Android Apk
Astrowings (ahseuteurowing), the great sound effects and colorful, suspenseful play that boasts an authentic space shooter.
The entire domestic market topped two days after the iPhone, just as the Android version that you can enjoy the game!


A. Stage 9 to the basic configuration, the stage play is in progress, the more intense
Two. The emergence of various kinds jeokgiche
Three. Step 4 of 6 kinds of upgrades and various weapons systems
Four. Colorful graphics / visual effects and sound
5 Easy / Normal / Hard / Insane mode implementation of Phase 4
6. Special Time Attack and the implementation of three-mode
7 Strongest in the final stage a thrilling showdown with the boss
Eight. Touch & Go for easy implementation of control


* Fighter Operation: Touch & Move
your finger along the touch fighter is moving in the same interval.
right hand and left hand alternately be used by anyone can be manipulated easily fighters.

* Items used: triple the touch of a button or touch
in real time during play to change weapons itneunmyeo, the touch of a button to change weapons or the ability to change weapons, you've set up triple-triple in touch through the touch can be changed.

* Update Time Systems: Weapon & fighter
weapon upgrades whenever the effect is spectacularly.
Fighter upgrade itself and the basic attack / maximum HP has to be improved.


**APK File**
(It needs to be patched with Lucky Patcher)

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