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Game On v0.5.5 Apk Android Download

Game On v0.5.5 Apk Android Download

Can't beat that game? Stuck on a particular level?
Game On allows you to unlock levels of supported games by downloading data shared by other users through the Game On network.
Game On is a unique application where you can download game data uploaded by other users so you can take advantage of their game progress.
You can also upload your own progress to share with other users.

There are currently over 60 games hosted on the Game On network with more being added all the time and with the ultimate goal of building a library of thousands of games and game progress files for users to download and enjoy.
To use Game On you will need to have a rooted device (there are non-root and iOS versions currently in development and should be ready for prime time in the first half of 2012, hopefully sooner, rather than later).

The Game On app will automatically compare the games installed on your device to those supported by the Game On network and allow you to share your data from those games.
You can conveniently browse through all the game data and easily download and install it to your device.
All the data you download is stored locally in case you wish to reinstall it.
Best of all, you can discover new games that may not be on your device and download them directly from the Android Market.

Game On is currently in beta status and while every effort has been made to release a stable, working product, bugs can and should be expected.


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