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Call&Note Recorder Mailer PRO v4.0 Apk Android

Call&Note Recorder Mailer PRO v4.0 Apk Android

Useful application that allows to automatically or manually record all your telephone calls, incoming and outgoing, in various audio formats (3GP - MP4 - Wave), do not require loudspeaker during conversation to get clear voice from the other side.

The recordings can be stored locally, on your sdcard or send by E-mail automatically without your action !!!
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The PRO version also have very strong features for high level use, like the real time streaming of the call or
voice notes to a public web server, where your friends can listen the call or note just opening the link you will share with them.

The PRO version will allow you to convert the audio's files in MP3 for using it on any PC or device.

Essential application that can perform well logging, both side(not all App do it, most part just rec your voice) with the ability to start recording a conversation already in progress and pause it at any time.

We want to improve our quality and services, all the people that will suggest new features.

Features :
Do not need root.
Record telephone calls both incoming and outgoing
Capture the recordings in the background
Sends the recordings using any SMTP server
Save files locally with the option to delete when posted
Intuitive interface and easy to use
Save recordings in 3gp, Mp4 and Wave
Save recordings in MP3 (only PRO version)
Stream the recording during the call or the voice note (only PRO version)
Filter for calls based on logs, contacts or manual insert (only PRO version)
The application has a widget with 2 functions: management of calls (which has the ability to start / stop recording the call) and the management memos (which allows you to send voice notes, record with your application notes, for an email address)


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