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Photo Enhance Pro v2.60 App Apk

Photo Enhance Pro v2.60 App Apk

Fix your pics. Boost detail, fix white-balance, adjust saturation, brightness and contrast, crop with fixed or variable aspect ratio, then export at full resolution. The simple-yet-powerful photo fixer. Boost detail in your pics, adjust white balance, contrast, crop and more.

Uses HDR tone-mapping techniques to add detail to your images -- better photos without a better camera.

Take your enhanced image and adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and white-balance and crop the result. The level of enhancement can be altered, or even switched off entirely should you wish only to adjust the picture's brightness, contrast, crop, etc.

Load images from Gallery or share from Camera, photo editor, etc. then save your results at a web/twitter/facebook/Google Plus-friendly resolution or full resolution to SD card or share by email, upload to Twitter, Facebook, Google+, send to Picture Messaging, Photoshop, image editor, painting app,...

Fully compatible with Android 3 Honeycomb tablets.



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