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CORE-Clinical Orthopaedic Exam V2.1 Apk AndroAppsLib

CORE-Clinical Orthopaedic Exam V2.1 Apk AndroAppsLib

Orthopedic Exam - 200+ clinical tests w/ videos, description, and evidence!
CORE is your portable, expert reference tool for diagnosing musculoskeletal and orthopedic disorders. The Clinical Orthopedic Exam offers you a robust database of almost 250 clinical tests with descriptions on how to perform them, video demonstrations, diagnostic properties and links to supporting medical references. Read on to learn why you should download this powerful resource App today!

“Great application. Fills a huge gap in the medical apps (...). Instructions are clear. The tests are easy to find and the application in general is a pleasure to navigate through. Best of all, the content is accurate and evidence based. Many texts, if not most, describe clinical tests incorrectly. This app delivers the instructions straight from the horses' (authors) mouth, permitting the tests to be performed as they were in the research. (...)”
- Ben Hando

“Great application for the Sports medicine oriented Physician or P.A. Clear, concise instructions on performing the tests, and linked video demonstrations. Fabulous. Great reference tool to make sure you are performing the test as originally described. Only medical application that I have purchased, that is actually worth it. You will not be disappointed.”
- painoz

You’re a healthcare provider, maybe working in orthopedics, neurosurgery or rheumatology. You might be a physical therapist or work in family medicine. The point is, you are often the first line of defense or the one that patients rely on for help with their musculoskeletal health.
Sometimes, you’re expected to be a mind reader. Hearing, “My knee hurts,” doesn’t provide you will a lot of clues. To discover what the real problem is, you need to perform specific maneuvers to evaluate and diagnose.

For almost every musculoskeletal ailment, there is a specific physical maneuver to perform. The results of that test indicate a positive or negative finding, providing you with an important clue to the puzzle, one that is based on evidence.

Often, there are several tests for each issue. How on earth can you remember the specifics of all those maneuvers, along with their indications, especially if you are aren’t required to use them on a regular basis? That’s where CORE comes to the rescue.
This beautiful little app contains almost 250 medically referenced physical exam maneuvers. All the extremities are covered, as well as the spine. CORE helps you assess tendinous, neuropathic, ligamentous problems for each body part. No guessing, no mind reading, you get step-by-step text and video on how to perform the examination, along with peer-reviewed medical references and a quick summary of inter and intra-observer reliability for each exam.

CORE is the app you need for making your evidence-based, clinical diagnosis. Check out the CORE features:

* Powerful pocket reference with periodic updates of emerging research
* Almost 250 clinical tests to aid in diagnosis for musculoskeletal and orthopedic disorders
* Covers tendinous, neuropathic, ligamentous problems for each body part
* Descriptions on how to perform each test
* Video demonstrations
* Diagnostic properties (reliability and validity)
* Links to supporting medical references
* Reference reviews via abstracts in PUBMed
* Free updates when new tests are available in the literature, or new studies with diagnostic properties for old tests are published (No need to “buy a newer edition”)

Download CORE now, before you are faced with even one more clinical testing situation. It’s going to make your life and your diagnosis so much easier.



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