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Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior v1.15.26

Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior v1.15.26

Fight around historical locations to become the Master of Martial arts to honour the legacy Bruce Lee left. Loosely based on true events from his life, with customizable fight styles and controls designed for both casual and skilled players

If Chuck Norris can have its game, so can Bruce Lee! Digital Legends (the company behind the game ONE on N-Gage) and Indiagames (Bruce Lee mobile license holder) have teamed up to bring Bruce Lee: Dragon Warrior.

The game, as you can see from the images above, looks awesome in 3D. The storyline apparently follows Lee’s life, and will include an array of fighting styles and opponents. In addition, users will be able to unlock new moves and develop their own techniques.

It’s also worth adding that Bruce Lee: Dragon Warrior got an approval from the Bruce Lee Foundation, which is chaired by Lee’s wife Linda and daughter Shannon.

Finally, PocketGamer said they’ve heard that after the iPhone, Bruce Lee will find its way on other mobile platform such as Android, Bada and Java ME. No other details are known at this stage, through.

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