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ASProxy v1.6 (Paid) Apk AndroAppsLib

ASProxy v1.6 (Paid) Apk AndroAppsLib

ASProxy is an Android app for enabling proxy support for all apps (including browser, market, maps, Google Talk and Google Voice) on various networks (Wi-Fi, 3G/4G APN, Ethernet and Reverse tethering through USB).


* Transparently intercepts and redirects traffic (thus does not require apps to have proxy support)
* Supports various connection types; Wi-Fi, 3G/4G APN, Ethernet and Reverse tethering through USB

* Supports multiple proxy settings based on the unique identifier for the network
* Configuration based app support, so you can easily add/remove support for any apps
* HTTP, SOCKS 4/4a and SOCKS 5 support
* Basic, NTLM and NTLMv2 support for proxy authentication
* Intranet support (Bypass proxy for local addresses)
* DNS Forwarding


* iptables (Netfilter -> NAT)

What ASProxy does not do

ASProxy does not circumvent security imposed by internal proxy - Most MS web proxy servers (Forefront TMG and ISA) come with a limited set of allowed protocols (HTTP - 80 and HTTPS - 443). If your network uses one of these proxies with the default setting, you will be limited to apps using these protocols (Meaning app such as market (5228 for authentication) and Google Talk (5223 and 5224) will not work).



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